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This was an emotional one folks! Humanity truly united during the devastating wildfires that destroyed an estimated 16 million hectares in Australia, as well as resulting in over a billion of the Australian wildlife perishing in flames. A BILLION! The fires started in June of 2019 and quickly started getting out of control as record breaking temperature soared and months of severe drought contributed to dry lands. With a lack of belief in climate change, the Australian government ignored repeated warnings from the state’s Fire and Rescue chiefs, which resulted in a lack of preparations in place to contain the burn zones. 

Social media proved how incredible a platform it is with thousands of influencers using their voice to spread awareness. Photos and videos quickly became viral and donations poured in to relief and evacuation organisations, wildlife rescues and firefighter efforts.

Peco Bag joined in with countless other brands by vouching to donate sales proceeds in the month of January to select organisations.

We raised over $900 the month of January with kind hearted Peco Heroes showing support. The donations have been donated to the following organisations and we couldn’t be prouder!

Wildlife rescues, burn victims, vet bills and food.

Wildlife Victoria 

Wires Wildlife Rescue 

Support firefighters and volunteer firefighters.

Country Fire Authority Victoria 

New South Wales Rural Fire Service 

South Australia Country Fire Service