I'll carry those for you bae.

Hello yes operator? I'm calling because I think I just found your hero.

Reusable Bags Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

ooo look the picture slides!

Mangoes were a good idea bae.

Did we just become best friends?




I have 3 and I want more!!!

Super pretty and it makes me proud when I use it! Love bagging my grocery and barang in this, cos it's so handy and so spacious!!

Lixuan G.

R u joking these r the flippin best????

I've converted my whole family to reusables.

Sarah P.

Really stylish and practical!

Padma L.

Beautiful bouquet

Love love the blue bouquet Peco bag! It’s with me everyday now, since it is so convenient to bring out

Charlene M.

Black never goes out of style

Black is the easiest go to colour. The best gift i could give my friends as they love anything that is black.

Nor K.

Pretty shade!

Love this bag, it's so handy for groceries and fits any outfit!

Trixie C.

Make Me A Bag Clown!

Want to incorporate sustainability into the workplace or need a branded bag for your next event? Get in touch with the humans on my team and they'll help ya out!

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