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Green Is The New Black Festival 2019

Helloooo conscious goers and impact leaders! Yes it was that time of the year again for the Green Is The New Black Conscious Festival - powered by Holland Barrett. Think plant based glitter explosions on pretty faces, youngins telling us their hopes towards a zero carbon future, a DJ who built an electric car from scraps and a village full of social enterprise brands with eco products to change your lifestyle. This was my debut at the festival and boy was I proud! Visitors left feeling positive and like minded individuals left inspired by a community who taught them how impactful their individual actions are.

I was excited I left the festival carrying so many of your items and finding a new home in your handbags. I even had a fan bag moment when Barney Swan, the ice trekking activist who endeavours to clean up 360 million tons of CO2 before the year 2025, also got his very own Peco bag! Wow wee! 

In the end, it’s all about the #littlegreensteps as a collective to move us towards a green future. And speaking of green, for every bag sold at the festival, we donated $1 to planting trees in the Philippines! See you next year!

To read more about the festival, check out this article: