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GIVE TO GAIA: Animals of the Australian Bushfire

Sunday, February 9th 2020 from 10am – 5pm at The Crane Club on Kim Yam Road

If the Australian bushfires taught us something, that's CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL and people coming together to help rescue, help support and unite each other, is one of the most purest and powerful contributions we can make as a humanity. Well done humans! 

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a crowd of supportive market goers came together to shop for eco friendly products at a fundraiser event organised by Give to Gaia. The Sunday market raised funds to donate to RSPCA Australia ( in support of their tireless efforts, together with so many other animal welfare organisations, to rescue and treat countless animals that were badly injured and left without homes. Peco Bag was here to get involved and yessirree we did! The first 100 attendees received a complimentary Peco Bag to shop away! The event’s theme was flora and fauna of the Earth and hosted up to 15 product booths that offered pay-as-you-wish holistic services such as Aura machine readings, Seifu massage and Oracle card sessions. The market was packed with environmentally conscious local brands selling items people were keen to explore such as organic skincare, food products, natural crystal jewellery, aromatherapy oils and vegan candles (to name a few).  20% of all the booth sales were collected and donated to the cause at the end of the event. Yippee !