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We donate with every purchase towards cleaning our oceans from plastic.

Ethical Production

We have recently changed our manufacturing production to a thoughtful, sustainable and ethical production house and we couldn't be happier!  Founded in 2013, our production partner is a social enterprise manufacturing company in Nepal with a mission to create jobs that empower marginalised people to fresh starts and fulfilled lives. They hold a full World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) Guarantee. They hold an active membership in the WFTO and have been externally audited and found to adhere to the 10 Fair Trade  Principles. They employ over 120 people, many of whom are survivors of exploitation or extreme discrimination or abuse. They provide technical skills and life-skills training, better than a living wage, healthcare, and a number of other services to its employees. Recently they were awarded an ACE award. This Secretary of State Award for Corporate Excellence (aka ACE) recognises and honours U.S. companies that uphold high standards of economic responsibility in their communities.


We use sublimation printing which is a waterless process that results in zero chemical waste. We collect any scraps left over from production and the offcuts are sold to a local company in Nepal who shred it up and repurpose it into mattress stuffing.


We are currently working on a "take back program" with our customers so we can recycle and repurpose any bags at the end of its use cycle. Please get in touch if you would like to send back your bag to us!