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Ethical Production

Our manufacturing partner embodies thoughtfulness, sustainability, and ethical practices throughout their production processes. Based out of Nepal, they proudly hold the esteemed World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) Guarantee, actively participating as a member and consistently passing external audits that verify their adherence to the 10 Fair Trade Principles. With a workforce of over 120 individuals, they prioritise the well-being of their employees, many of whom have overcome exploitation, extreme discrimination, or abuse. The company goes above and beyond by providing comprehensive technical skills and life-skills training, fair compensation exceeding a living wage, healthcare benefits, and various other supportive services. Their commitment to excellence has been recognised through the prestigious ACE award, specifically the Secretary of State Award for Corporate Excellence (also known as ACE), which acknowledges and honours U.S. companies that demonstrate exemplary economic responsibility within their communities.


Our printing method utilizes sublimation, a waterless process that ensures no chemical waste is generated. We take pride in our commitment to environmental sustainability. Additionally, any remnants or leftover materials from our production are diligently collected. Instead of discarding them, we have established a partnership with a local company in Nepal. They acquire these offcuts and skillfully transform them into mattress stuffing through a process of shredding and repurposing. This collaborative effort not only minimises waste but also contributes to the circular economy by giving new life to these materials.


We are currently working on a "take back program" with our customers so we can recycle and repurpose any bags at the end of its use cycle. Please get in touch if you would like to send back your bag to us!

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