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by Peco Bag

More Fish Than Plastic

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I know you have heard that by 2050, research believes there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by weight... How sad and how alarming for the precious ecosystems and vast biodiversity we threaten to lose.

So how do we avoid this? By removing the need to discard plastic in our bins in the first place. REUSABLE REUSABLE REUSABLE. Start with the reusable Peco Bag!

Did you know with every purchase, we donate to Seven Clean Seas? Information available at the checkout page.

This bag is made from 7 recycled bottles. Smooth, luxurious and a durable fabrication with GRS certification. Carry 2-3 times worth of groceries or simply use as your day to day favourite bag. Conveniently designed to fold into a mini bag attached to the main bag, we aim to make bringing your reusable bag with you everywhere a delight.

Made with love from Nepal. Our production partner is a social enterprise manufacturing company with a mission to offer technical skill training and jobs to marginalised people in Nepal coming from various backgrounds.

Folds into a 5.6 in. x 4.5 in. mini bag. H: 25.5 in. W: 14.5 in. D: 5.2 in. Made from 100% certified RPET. Machine washable. Made in Nepal

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