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Lumine - New Stockist September 2019 - February 2020

“Let’s be real. Japan is awesome, and their magical people dress awesome. New thought… I should make a Japanese theme Peco Bag… (self note: write that down) Ok, so back to Lumine! A concept store situated in the heart of Clarke Quay that brings the diversified and characteristic aesthetics of Japan fashion to Singapore! Hooray Matcha Lattes for all! Offering a range of collections, outfits, accessories and more, Peco Bag is available now as a Local brand pop up in this incredible fashion store! There is even a cafe where you can sip on a coffee and work on your laptop with a view. And by now everyone is catching on, shopping green is the look to get people turning heads.” - Peco

Check out Lumine Clarke Quay Central 2F -