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What is RPET?

RPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or recycled PET. You know the soft drink or water bottles you might have thrown out after a thirst session? Well they were recovered, washed and repurposed back into a recycled polyester material to make me! Peco bag!

Here is a fun fact! Prepare for the big words. Rpet performs as well as virgin polyester however in comparison, it uses 90% less water consumption, releases 50-60% less carbon and sulphur dioxide and uses 85% less energy during manufacturing. Why not create a circular recycling and reusing system for fabrics, while taking plastic out of our pretty oceans. Did I do good?

How do you wash me?

The team and I's mission is to remain durable and strong so that you don't need to replace me anytime soon. So if it comes to a time where I might need a little wash, either hand wash me or pop me in the washing machine on a cool temperature and hang me out on the line to dry. However, the last thing we all want is any microfibres bring released into the ocean through our waterways and harming the environment. My team of humans suggest using a microfibre washing bag or a microfibre laundry ball. Don't know what they're on about? Neither do I but they said to check out these products below:



How much can you carry exactly?  

I can carry about 3 plastic grocery bags worth of stuff. Up to 10kgs to be exact. However, I would like to stay in your life forever, so don't go putting weights and brick inside me. I don't wanna carry bricks! I hate bricks!


We want to inspire change and introduce it conveniently. We mix trend, convenience and sustainability all into one amazing bag! ​Birds are feeding their babies plastic waste, turtles are getting suffocated, whales are dying swallowing bellies full of plastic. It's time to say NO to single use and YES to reusable.

We sought out the right manufacturers with the certified RPET certificates, who showed us how recovered plastic bottles were repurposed into the fabric I'm made from.

We only use paper for our labelling and postage packaging for local orders as this makes it easier for everyone to recycle. For orders w 4 bags or more and overseas orders, we use compostable postage bags for that extra durability. Did I also mention our labels are compostable too? Please pop it into a compostable environment or compost bin with soil and they will degrade in 90-120 days. If you don't have a compostable environment and place it in the rubbish, unfortunately it will end up in landfill adding to methane gas pollution, taking 2 years to break down! A normal plastic mailer takes 400 years to breakdown, so in comparison it is better, but ... let's do our best to make destination landfill our last resort.

The team and I are always seeking new innovative materials and processes to become greener and greener until we look like leprechauns. So if you guys want to share your knowledge or your stories to contribute, hit us up at 

How do I become an eco warrior?

Our hashtag and motto is "change a habit, change the world". That's where it all starts. We need to start retraining ourselves into being more aware and changing small habits. I want to change your habit of accepting bags when you shop. You don't need it yo! You have me! Introduce the changes with little steps. So start with me, then all reusables like cutlery and coffee cups. Then instead of buying another package of laundry detergent, soap, beauty products, start researching the alternatives. More and more stores with no packaging are popping up around the world. Go check them out with some empty bottles and containers and fill up! Packaging costs money so say no to paying for it. Any single use plastic you say no to is making a difference and impact. Let's change our world!

Where is your motherland?

Well I would like to say a hidden planet from another galactic universe where the aliens look like flying sloths but no. I was manufactured ethically in China, but born in Singapore where my headquarters are. A small country on the map, but a big revolutionary country that is big on green! We plan to take over the world with flying sloth aliens and awesome reusable bags made from recycled bottles!... Alright maybe not the sloths but we are here to make a difference.

What is your return or exchange policy?

Don't like me?! DON'T LIKE ME?!?! .. That's fine. If I happen to come with a flaw or defect then we are happy to refund you or replace me with a new Peco within 30 days of purchase. Wanna swap designs? Sure, as long as I am in the original condition from purchase, unused and with label still attached. Just send me back to the motherland. However remember, that's 30 days from purchase kiddos! Send us an email at and the team will attend to your enquiry.

Shipping and delivery schedule 

Your Peco bags are always tracked and are sent out via SINGPOST.

Here are the estimated delivery times for me to get into your life. Please do note, these are estimates and may be subject to delay at your countries customs inspections. Either way, we have tracking numbers. So if I haven't reached you, reach out to the team via the "contact us" page, so we can check on the whereabouts of your package.

2-3 working days - Singapore

3-5 working days - Hong Kong

4-6 working days - Australia, Brunei, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK

5-8 working days - France, Germany, India, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam

6-9 working days - Canada, China, Philippines, USA

5-10 working days - Other destinations in Asia and Territories in the Pacific

6-12 working days - Other destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and America

International duties and tax

Countries all have their own systems and charges of International shipments, so sometimes our packaging will be subject to special duties and fees. At checkout, we’re unable to collect payment for international duties and fees, so you may be required to pay them separately when your order is cleared through customs and delivered to you.

It sucks.. I know and we are working hard to provide our international folks with a better experience.